Artikel ini Berbahasa Inggris, Kalau mau Baca Lanjut aja

Hi, welcome to my website, so this time i want to talk about, hmm, what is it again? Ah yeah, i was talking about this article, which written in English.

So i’m trying to write an english article without using google translate, and this one is my trial. So, how do you think about my english? Is it good enough to read, or understand?

Well then, let’s talk about something then, how about anime? Ok i will start first, my favorite anime is, i actually don’t know which one, because there are too many good anime i have watched. So i can’t decide, but in these recent week, i have enjoying watch Shinchou no Yuusha and Fate Grand Order, these anime is actually pretty good to be honest.

I like how Gilgamesh finally became a proper king, and the hero from shinchou no Yuusha is a th*t slayer, he is also badass.

Beside anime, i also enjoy japanese music pretty much, because it’s just too good. Do you like J-music too? What is your favorite singer? You can answer it in comment if you like to.

By the way, let’s talk about dream, do you have a dream? What do you want to be? Or where do you want to go? Okay i guess i will answer it first, i had a dream, my childhood dream, i want to travel to Japan, and i want to build my own room with high spec PC, Speaker, AC, just like some random rich boy room from a movie.

But i haven’t fulfill both, i’m still working for it. Actually i don’t even have my own house yet. So the first thing i want to do is to build or buy a house. I will travel to Japan after i have a house maybe. I hope i can fulfill these dream, huhuhu.

Well, it’s already more than 300 words already, i’m just testing to write in english by the way, so i don’t want to make a long article, so let’s go back to my previous question, how do you think about my english?


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